Economic Influences by 2060 AD

critical developments

These news articles cover the various developments that formed the current economic and business environment.

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Commercial scale agriculture since the collapse of bee colonies and extinction of bats

Water rationing – how much water is really left?

LA water now rationed!

7.9 Earthquake damages california aqueduct

November 2, 2050 – SoCal news online

Southern Californians will have to live with severe water rationing for the foreseeable future.  California Geological Survey reports that satellite images show the Aqueduct is destroyed along 80% of its length. The regional dams have collapsed and their reservoirs drained to less than 10% of their capacity. The rationing will apply to San Bernadine, Riverside, Venture, Los Angeles, Orange and San Diego Counties.

The California legislature passed new state-wide water conservation standards that imposes severe penalties for excessive water consumption – now defined as any level beyond Tier 1.

CEA Bankrupt

only FEMA has loans

May 1, 2051 – Tent City Newsletter

The flood of earthquake damage recovery insurance claims has drained the California Earthquake Authority’s home reconstruction funds and the CEA announced it plans to file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy.

At least a third of CEA clients have already written their houses off and sold ther damaged property at huge losses to a new group of property developers. 

California sets new Building Standards

May 1, 2051 – CA Gov news online

The California government has passed and signed the revised earthquake readiness levels to the be  higher than the 8.4 Revised Richter scale in response to the recent earthquake swarm. In addition, new construction and renovations must account for earthquake swarms within a five year period. The Big One’s  has exceeded more than 500 aftershocks that damaged building structures that survived the initial shock.

Fire departments also influence the revised standards based on recent experiences. The new building designs also set standards for minimum room, windows, doorway and landscaping clearances.

The world in Nuclear Winter

Were you prepared for 8 years of no agriculture?

August 31, 2060 – New York Science news online

As we approach the 8th anniversary of the Middle East Holocaust, we look back at the global agricultural crisis that exists to this day. 

The Middle East Holocaust in 2052 killed hundreds of millions. The resulting mushroom and debris clouds reached in the upper atmosphere triggering the ongoing nuclear winter. Although ironically, it reversed global warming for a few years. However, the resulting global impact created widespread famine, killing billions of people, and wiping out whole species of plants, animals and insects.

Florida and California used to be the world’s leading producers of orange juice.  Now that title has moved to the protected valleys of Peru, where the last few bee colonies survive. Imported orange juice have now reached $10 dollars per ounce at the nearby luxury produce boutique.   Texans used to order a 6 ounce prime rib cut for $10 dollars. Now Houstonians must find $900 for that same cut.

Industries adopt RFID

permanent ID used as single standard

Janauary 5, 2050 – dc reporter online

The newly available RFID’s unique identification code has gained wider adoption by more industry groups.  Nearly all regional banks and the national  credit union consortiums announced immediate plans to use the RFID permanent ID’s as the base account number. The Smart Home industry Tech convention also plans to have members vote on adopting RFID as the authentication and authorization mechanism.

The Department of National Security revealed plans to use RFID storage to hold immigration status and validity dates.  The DNS is already testing RFID access control in the New York City, Dallas, and Los Angeles  offices. Titan Robotics has also adopted the K-Tech RFID chip as their employee records, tracking, authentication, and access control.

Titan Robotics releases latest model

more human than human?

September 5, 2060 – wall street biz Press

The latest line of hybrid-human robots is sending shock waves through the entertainment and services industries.  Quantum leaps in behavior modeling, artificial intelligence, dynamic muscular controls and  life-like skin simulations have experts and customers raving about how real these synthetic androids appear.

Supplements outlawed

Need fda Approval

December 1, 2040 – SoCal news online

Washington DC passes law rescinding the sale and use of unregulated supplements. Citing too many example of severe side effects over the past few decades from these “home remedies”, the federal law enforcement agencies will shutdown any unlicensed pharmacies or manufacturers. Repeat offenders will be fined and eventually jailed.