Los Angeles Police Dept.

Robbery-homicide division

The LAPD Robbery-Homicide Division is responsible for investigating violent crimes throughout greater Los Angeles city.

This website lists the current personnel and the active cases we are investigating.


captain:   Yokino, Ken
  • Corwin, Brad – Squad I, III
  • Bolton, Irene
  • deSoto, Lucia
  • Fitzsimmons,Art
  • Furst, Gabriel
  • Howard, Grant
  • Johnsen, Dan


Current squad I open cases

Dr. James Patton death

Dr. James Patton was one of two survivors to the recent Rialto Cafe bombing. Detectives Gabriel Furst and Irene Bolton discovered his body at his Bel Air home by when he did not appear for a morning appointment with police artists.  Dr. Patton is also The DNS’s primary suspect for the Rialto Cafe bombing.

ReverEnd Edward Light

Detectives Gabriel Furst and Irene Bolton discovered the bodies of Reverend Edward Light and his two bodyguards in the main office at the New Light Church. The three victims were shot execution style with bullets. Rev. Light was previously interviewed in the course of investigating Dr. James Patton’s death.

Current Squad III Open cases

Squad II detectives

Detectives Grant Howard and Lucia deSoto are gathering evidence leading to the arrest of the killers who executed two RHD detectives protecting a witness to the Dr. James Patton case.